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There are so many reasons to use Content Is King as your digital marketing agency of choice! We’re committed to your business success and use proven methodologies for online growth.

As our name suggests, we see content as vital for your business so we only sell services with substance. We know that you don’t want to part with your hard earned dollars without getting a return on your investment and we don’t expect you to be dazzled by industry catch phrases, empty promises and aggressive salesmanship.

We work hard for our clients to get them real results. Business success and integrity are the driving forces behind everything we do. Our comprehensive list of services is based on what it takes to improve a business from the foundations up. A solid foundation enables solid growth and success.

In order for you to reach your goals, we offer a comprehensive consultation designed to highlight opportunities for growth. We sell individual digital solutions, which means that you will never be pushed into paying for a service that’s not right for your business.

We tailor an omnichannel approach to growing your business based on the results you wish to attain and the budget you wish to spend. If you want to transform your business and take on a significantly higher quantity and quality of customer, then we can help. We will show you exactly what you need to do to improve both the numbers of customers banging on your door and the key to earning more money per customer.

Our digital marketing strategies will level the playing field and bring you into alignment with the best industry practices. This enables you to compete with even the biggest companies in your industry.

If you’re committed to your ongoing success and really want to see your results transform, then we’ll hold your hand and guide you through the whole process. You will know where we’re going at every step of the way as we take the journey to success together.

Get in touch with Content Is King today to get the ball rolling. We’ll discuss your needs and deliver you a comprehensive strategy for success!

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Recent Testimonials

“The experienced and professional team at Content Is King have built us an awesome e-commerce website that is mobile responsive and we absolutely love it. They have also made sure we rank highly on page one for many of our keywords and for others we come up at the top of page 2 in a very very competitive industry. With our social media campaign, we have now managed to get over 260,000 Facebook fans which is fantastic! We are blown away! What would we do without you Content Is King? We highly recommend the team at Content Is King.

Many thanks,

Work Rest And Play Plus Sized Clothing”


WRAP Plus Sized Clothing



“Thank you so much to the team from Content Is King for all the effort you put in to getting us set up with a website. We couldn’t have done it without you. Not only did you simplify the process for us by explaining what we needed from start to finish in getting our business up and running, but you also put in a huge effort editing our content, writing extra content pages, taking photos for the website, etc. You explained SEO and what we needed to do, making sure all the content was search engine optimised with keywords, gave us the run down with social media, supported us the whole way through, talked with us about advertising and marketing ideas, and offered an all-round service that helped us hit the ground running. We love our website!

We will definitely recommend your services in the future.

Thanks again,”
Olinka Ondrik
Ondrik Larsen Lawyers

Ondrik Larsen Lawyers




“I just wanted to say that I am very grateful to the team at Content Is King for all the effort, commitment and support you provided throughout the process of editing my book.  Thank you for going the extra mile in every aspect of editing this book and for expanding your own knowledge on this gut healing topic to offer some very thoughtful and informative suggestions. Working with you was very easy, comfortable and you were aware of my feelings throughout the process. Thank you for being supportive in working through ideas that needed re-working, whilst remaining professional. Your ideas, restructuring, rewriting, editing and formatting has contributed to turning this book from an interactive health program to a true piece of art and something that I am extremely proud of. Now I am excited to share and promote this book with my community and those who desire to take responsibility for their health.

Thank you for the countless hours you have worked on this book to see this project through to it’s completion. I look forward to working with you again.

Health & Light,”

Daniella Hogarth
Speaker | Author | Wellness Consultant | Director of Wellness On Wheels

Wellness On Wheels




“Thanks to Content Is King for all the hard work with rebuilding our website. It looks great! So much better than the last one. I love the new features on the WordPress template you used. Also really appreciate all the help with content, photos, marketing and Facebook advice, and for teaching me how to make my own edits to the website in the future.

You guys are great!

River Gallery Inn
(Now known as Bordello Hotel & Wine Bar)

Bordello Hotel & Wine Bar