Electronic Direct Mail (EDM or E-newsletters)

EDM Electronic direct mail/e-newsletters

Staying in touch with your customers and prospective customers by electronic direct mail (EDM or e-newsletter) is an easy way to generate new and repeat business. Businesses spend so much of their marketing budget chasing new customers but should consider that a huge percentage of sales will come from loyal repeat customers. Once gained, each hard-earned customer is an opportunity to make an impression. They are worth far more than just the value of one sale. Customers who become raving fans will recommend you to their word of mouth networks and potentially buy again, so keeping these opportunities warm with EDM are essential.

All of your marketing activities should include a focus on gaining both genuinely interested potential customer email addresses and satisfied existing customers in order to contact them in the future with any special offers. Not only will this directly increase sales, but you will find that you improve customer loyalty, brand awareness and rapport in the long run.

With a great e-newsletter, you can keep customers informed about relevant industry news, new products or services, competitions, surveys, sales, upcoming events, VIP nights, great testimonials, a gallery of your work or any other relevant topics.

Keeping in touch via EDM regularly or semi-regularly reminds your customers that your business is there and can entice them back. Each contact is another opportunity to sell your wares and may result in immediate sales or at least branding opportunities.

E-newsletter statistics can also inform you about which products or services customers were or were not interested in, so it is an important educational tool for your business and an opportunity that should not be missed.

If you need assistance setting up an e-newsletter platform or template or need regular written content for your EDM, then get in touch and we can create a package specifically for you.