E-commerce Product Descriptions

E-commerce product descriptions

As an e-tailer, selling online is your bread and butter, so you need to get as many product descriptions completed and into your e-commerce store as you can, quick smart! Products that sit in boxes or line your shelves without being added to the website are a waste of space. Every day they don’t get added to your online store is a missed opportunity. But what if you’re busy and don’t have time to write your e-commerce product descriptions?

The Answer is Outsourcing!

With nearly 10 years experience in running an online store, we know what it takes to create success in an e-commerce business environment. It takes a lot of hard work behind the scenes to make your products available for purchase. From the moment the products arrive into your warehouse, the jobs start mounting.

With so many responsibilities on your plate, it makes sense to outsource the product description writing to experienced freelance copywriters. We can help you manage your workload by writing quality sales focussed SEO-friendly content for your e-commerce product descriptions. Not only will customers jump at the chance to buy your products, we’ll help your stock get found online when people are searching for similar products.

Outsourcing the writing of your e-commerce product descriptions will enable you to get on with running your business. Using a freelance copywriter rather than hiring an in-house copywriter makes sense. We are self-managed and keep up with best SEO practices in our own time. You won’t be paying for down time, lunch breaks, holidays or super. You will just hire us to write quality content for your e-commerce product descriptions.

Get in touch with Content Is King today and we can discuss ways to enhance your online business through quality copywriting for your e-commerce product descriptions. We’ll get your products flying off the shelves!