Product Descriptions

Product descriptions

If you sell products online, then you know how important it is to combine well-written product descriptions with great photos. You need to reflect the full gamete of features and benefits and entice the customer to buy. The description needs to be accurate so that you meet consumer law sales guidelines (i.e. ACCC in Australia), as well as informing the customer of all the ways the product will make their lives better. You want to inspire and excite the customer and compel them into action to either buy your product or check it out further. Having well-crafted product descriptions, in the style that suits your branding, will quickly reap you a return on your investment.

As owners of a product based online store for nearly 10 years, we know exactly what it takes to construct the perfect product descriptions to sell. We will write you the best product description to get more customers interested, in turn allowing you to ask a great price for your product.

You want customers to know how much they need your product and how it will enhance their lives. Combine this with a great photo and search engine optimised content, and you’re onto a winner! Whatever your product, you’ll get a better response and price with a well-crafted product description that entices the consumer. To maximise your profits, we will include cross-selling opportunities within your product descriptions and plant seeds in the customer’s mind about other products you offer.

You will also be able to use the product descriptions to assist in your SEO campaign with the inclusion of relevant keywords and links to other parts of your website. Take note that if you sell a product using only your manufacturer’s description, this can have an adverse effect on your search engine ranking, as you will be using duplicated content, which can be looked at unfavourably by Google. If you take SEO seriously, you will hire a copywriter to create new and unique descriptions for your website, while you do the other important stuff like running the business.

We specialise in many areas of writing product descriptions including:

If you need some assistance writing top quality product descriptions, get in touch today and we’ll discuss your needs and put together a quote that suits your requirements.