Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising

Are you wondering how Facebook advertising can help your business? Are you unsure of how to establish an effective advertising campaign? With Facebook being such a buzzing hive of activity, it’s worth claiming some of that activity for your own business. Social media marketing is an effective way to target an audience of people who are specifically interested in your product based on their interests or other demographic factors.

Advertising on Facebook can be highly effective in most industries and works for branding, marketing and sales. Whilst building your social media presence through content marketing strategies is effective for increasing your page likes, you don’t just want popularity, you want sales too! Facebook advertising works hand in hand to increase sales by targeting the demographic you want to reach in a different way.

Facebook for Business

Facebook advertising is beneficial to your business for a number of reasons but the two main ways it works are as follows:

  1. It can send more followers through to your page profile for long-term engagement. This is great for building a loyal community for your business.
  2. It can send clicks through to your website for short-term benefit. This is great for selling or promoting your products or services.

We all know how effective content based editorial is for promoting a business or launching a product or event. In marketing terms, editorial is pure gold for generating interest as people generally believe what they are told without investigating further themselves.

For this reason, when you see a segment on the news that heavily features a particular business, there are often ads featuring that business during the breaks. The content featured in the story generates the interest, whilst the advertising offers a call to action or a promotion that the consumer can take advantage of.

The same is true for newspapers and magazines. The editorial (AKA advertorial) content brings in the interest, and the advertising scoops the interested customers into the sales funnel. These two marketing methods work hand in hand, as do the modern versions; social media marketing and Facebook advertising.

There are various ways to advertise on Facebook depending on the results you wish to achieve. We can show you what will work for your business and create a marketing strategy designed to reach the right targeted consumers.

If you’re curious about how Facebook advertising can help grow your business, get in touch and we can tailor a strategy for you.