Web Design

Web Design

Are you the only kid on the block without a website? Are you looking for a website designer to take your business to the next level and get your products or services online?

The benefits of having a website are innumerable. Operating a business without a website in this technological age makes it nearly impossible to compete with every other business out there. All businesses, big and small, need a website presence because it is the foundation of any good business. It doesn’t really matter what type of website presence you have, as long as you have one.

Having said that, if you want your business to grow and excel, a good quality, user-friendly website is essential. It needs to be responsive and work across all the different platforms like desktop, mobile and tablet, and it needs to make an impact in order to drive sales. Perhaps you’re wanting to sell products online, or maybe you just want to make a good impression on potential customers.

A website is the face of your business and can be used anytime, 24/7/365. Customers will use your website to research your business before making contact. A good website will include content aimed at helping your customers to make informed buying decisions. It will showcase your products and services and present your business in its best possible light.

Reliable Web Design Made Easy

At Content Is King, we offer web design services and will custom build a website to suit your needs. For information based websites and online stores, we use WordPress, an open source web design platform which enables us to create an easy to use website. Once we’ve set you up with the design that suits your business style, you’ll be able to make any changes you like moving forward, as it’s a very user-friendly system.

New Website Building

If you’re new to the online world and have never had a website, we will make the process easy for you. We understand that not everyone has experience in website building, so we’ll explain the process to you and offer assistance along the way. We will set you up from the beginning with a domain name, hosting and a website that represents exactly what your business is about. The website will be created with search engine optimisation in mind, but if you want further assistance with online marketing, we can help.

Website Rebuilds

If you have an existing website but want to upgrade your image or functionality, we will discuss your needs and design a website to suit your upcoming and future goals. We will either use your existing website domain name or set you up with a new name. We can organise hosting, or you can stay with your current host. The new web design will allow your business to shine and reach its full potential. Your SEO strategy will be started within your new website, but if you need any further assistance with your online marketing, we can help.

Below are some of the web design services we offer:

For some examples of the styles of websites we build, please click here.

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