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The aim of a good copywriter is to drive results; exciting or intriguing potential customers and compelling them to use your products or services. As a business owner, you don’t just want words on a screen; you want effective words that convert clicks into sales and hence deliver a return on your investment.

Copywriting is not just writing; it’s writing designed to generate sales.

By valuing great quality, effective copywriting, you give your business every chance to stand out and convert potential customers into paying customers. Each carefully chosen word is a brick in a wall that creates a solid foundation for your success. The best copywriters will go to great lengths to understand your business, including your tone, key messages and your customers. We produce well-crafted content in fluent English, designed to capture your customer’s focus, with persuasive calls to action included. We’ll not only assist your target demographic in understanding your message but will also compel them to take the next appropriate action.

‘The sole purpose of the first sentence in an advertisement is to get you to read the second sentence of the copy.’ – Joe Sugarman.

At Content Is King, we write all types of content for websites as well as writing advertising content and scripts for print, online, radio and television campaigns. We specialise in SEO copywriting which is designed for your website and aimed at optimising your online positioning in the search engines. We also offer copywriting services for all types of product descriptions, to turn browsers into customers.

Through a process of discovery, we uncover what makes your business tick, discuss your goals and where you want to go as a business, identify that special hook to get potential customers interested and establish the style of communication that’s right for your branding. We then design content around your goals, write copy that engages your audience and include plenty of calls to action designed to convert your audience into paying customers.

With a meticulous focus on your business, Content Is King will turn your key messages into words that sell. We’ll help your business to thrive no matter what the brief! If you’re looking for an excellent copywriter in Melbourne, or anywhere else in Australia, contact us today for a tailored quote to suit your needs.

Particular areas of copywriting that we specialise in are as follows: