Landing Pages

Landing Pages

What is the answer to that eternal question ‘how can I get website browsers to become paying customers?’ The answer is: Landing pages.

If you want to maximise your advertising dollars and increase your sales conversions, a key strategy is to include one or more landing pages on your website. A landing page is different to the home page in that it focuses on only one action. It leads your customer to the sales funnel and is designed to push them over the edge with quality copywriting designed to compel them to action.

When you spend money promoting your business with marketing activities like PPC, you want to know that each click is given the maximum chance to convert into a paying customer. The problem is, when an interested person clicks through to your website from your Google AdWords advert, they might see your home page and not know which action to take. Perhaps there are many places to look. Perhaps they get overwhelmed not knowing where to go first, so in a split second they may bounce out of your website and go to one of your competitors. And that’s a lost opportunity! If your competitor makes it easy for your customer to use their website but you don’t, then you have made a little mistake with a big impact. This is especially true if you find the same thing happening time and time again so check your bounce rate to see if you’re losing opportunities through an ineffective sales funnel.

Sales Funnel

The purpose of a landing page is to encourage one action, for example, to get the customer’s email address or sell them a single product like a ticket or an e-book. There are two main types of landing pages; the long page and the short page. Both types of pages are effective in their own right. A short and sleek landing page is good for a well-known brand, whereas a long page with well-written copy is great for selling a product. A great copywriter can absolutely transform the effectiveness of your website via your landing page, channelling customers through the sales funnel.

Can you have more than one landing page?

You should have a different landing page for each type of advertising campaign you run. This allows each page to be customised to the individual’s original search and helps to build brand identity and trust. You want the customer to recognise your brand the second they click through your advert to your landing page. It should be easy for customers to navigate the page and take the action you desire.

Using testing strategies for landing pages to find out what works best will help to generate maximum conversions in the long-run. If a landing page is still producing higher than desirable bounce rates, we will have a look at the page’s effectiveness and commence A/B testing to identify the problem and find a solution that works. This is common practice with conversion rate optimisation. We want you to get maximum results, and won’t stop until we achieve this for you.

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