Improve Your Rankings with SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is copywriting for your website, with a twist. The SEO Copywriter will research and incorporate specific keywords into the copy which are relevant to your industry. The purpose is to assist your business in climbing up the search engine rankings.

What’s the difference between copywriting and SEO copywriting?

Whilst the primary focus of copywriting is to communicate a message with an advertising or marketing slant, SEO copywriting is slightly different. SEO copywriting, also known as SEO content writing, is specifically crafted for online website content and is aimed at optimising your positioning in the search engine rankings. SEO copywriters create well-written and thoroughly researched content, which includes ‘keywords’ and ‘key phrases’ that are aimed specifically at online search engines, but that blend seamlessly with the rest of the content to offer pages that are still interesting and readable for your customers.

Including SEO-friendly elements within your website content can assist you in rising up the search engine rankings, which is something that every business wants when growing and hoping to attract new customers. Search engines have ‘bots’ that regularly crawl your website looking for relevant information to index. Therefore, the better quality your SEO content, the higher your chance of moving up the search engines.

Having well-crafted SEO content on your website can make a big difference to your search rankings and website traffic all by itself. However, when combined with other SEO techniques, it can boost your rankings even further. Search engines are sophisticated and their algorithms change regularly, so working with a good SEO Copywriter who understands the language of SEO and can liaise with the rest of your SEO team, will strengthen your online marketing strategy for the long term. Over time, Google has placed more and more emphasis on good quality, well-written content as one of their main ranking criteria, so it is definitely worthwhile working with an SEO Copywriter if you want to work towards being on one of the front pages of Google results.

We have proven results using these techniques and have consistently achieved page one results across many search terms in a very competitive industry, so we know what we’re talking about.

With a high focus on your business, Content Is King can turn your key messages into words that sell. We’ll help your online business to thrive. Contact us today for a quote or to discuss your specific SEO Copywriting needs.