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Website content writing

Whether setting up a new website or rebranding an existing one, you need well written, informative, SEO friendly website content writing. You want to interest and engage with your potential customers and make a good impression from the moment they find you. An excellent website content writer will bring out the best in your business, attract customers and increase sales conversions with informative or entertaining content writing.

Your content writing is designed to educate or entertain potential customers and keep them engaged with your website. An informed and interested customer is easier to sell to later, once you’ve demonstrated that you know your stuff. A good piece of written content will also incorporate researched and planned keyword usage that flows seamlessly with your message and as such will improve your SEO ranking.

If you want to generate new customers for your business, you need to offer them answers to the questions they may have. Designing content around the questions your potential customers may ask will save you time down the track and assist in your sales process. Given that your website is the face of your business when you are not around, it is important to value top quality website content writing as it will help you to make the right impression from the start.

What’s the difference between website content writing and copywriting?

Website content writing subtly differs from copywriting in that it lacks the sales pitch, focussing instead on informing, educating and engaging. Though it’s important to use copywriting content to assist in sales conversions, good content writing will assist in bringing in the leads in the first place.

The internet would be incomplete without good content writing. Bill Gates produced an influential article entitled ‘Content is King’ in 1996, in which he wrote:

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting… the broad opportunities for most companies involve supplying information or entertainment. No company is too small to participate.”

‘Content is king’ has become the key mantra for the SEO industry over the last 20 years for good reason. Without well-written content, there would be much less value for internet users. Given the incredible importance Google places on quality user-focussed content, your website relies on its content to be found by users seeking results for their queries. So good content is good for your business.

When planning your website content writing, we focus on giving value to the user first. Copywriting is absolutely important for converting sales but should work hand in hand with your content writing as part of your conversion strategy. Though some companies launch straight into copywriting, many users will be put off by a purely salesy approach, so it’s good to use both styles when selling products or services in a strategic way.

For those with existing websites, creating fresh new content on a regular basis is important too. The search engines will index your new optimised content, which will be good for your search engine rankings and will ultimately attract new customers. This is where a great content writer who understands all aspects of writing for the internet can help.

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